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Why Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness?

June 25, 2020
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My husband Deron and I are so excited to bring Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness to our community. Together we have over 21 years experience caring for older adults in a variety of settings including hospitals, rehabs, clinics and in their homes. Your every day should be lived fully and moving well is essential in enjoying the life you live.

Helping the elders of our community live well, be well, and move well so you can play with your grandkids, get outside and enjoy our beautiful community, and haul your groceries from the car to the house is our passion and we believe it can be done with integrity and ingenuity. The desire to see this change in the physical and occupational therapy world is where Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness was born.

Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness began from frustration in the traditional business model for physical and occupational therapy. A podcast by Jeff Moore of ICE Physio is what pushed us to make the leap and solve the problems we have experienced by working for corporations. His message was very clear: “If not now, when?”  Deron and I started looking inward at what brings us joy as therapists.  

The answer was simple—we find joy in helping people overcome obstacles in their lives by providing care that empowers.

As we began to dream of bringing something new to this community we knew serving clients in their homes was necessary but providing care in a new way was essential. This became the cornerstone of the company we developed. Typically in-home care is provided by large home health agencies and it is not always very personal but we had a better plan- concierge therapy!

Concierge therapy, or as we like to call it- Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness is similar to outpatient therapy in the way it is billed and the services provided. However it is delivered in the home (or office, or park, or wherever suits the client)! This novel idea was exactly what we envisioned.

Shifting the expectation and delivery of outpatient physical therapy was our goal but our vision went deeper. “Who did we want to be? What did we what to do? Where did we see Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness going?”

I’m an avid podcast listener and follow many experts in the nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness genre. One of my favorite podcasters, Justin Sua of “Increase your Impact” podcast shared the following quote:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” -Socrates.

Deron and I latched on to this idea as we built Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness. As Socrates said- we knew we needed a change in order to provide the care we are capable of. But instead of “fighting the old” we are “building the new” and we hope to help as many people as possible do that with their own lives by providing physical and occupational therapy with Shift Mobile Therapy and Wellness.

So what does this mean for you?

Shift’s primary objective is to rise to meet the needs of our clients by providing unparalleled care and to be the providers of choice for home-based physical and occupational therapy for older adults in Floyd county.

In everyday words? We strive to help our clients SHIFT their lives forward in a meaningful way.

Lindsey Bellcase

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